Mediating Anthropology: Digital Archives and the Recirculation of Ethnographic Collections

Ever greater access to digital recording technology has seen contemporary research initiatives in the humanities and social sciences not only born digital, but often birthed straight into an archive. At the same time, earlier ethnographic collections are increasingly fragile, at risk of becoming analogue orphans when fragmented into their component parts based on the medium of original documentation.

In this meeting, Dr. Mark Turin will reflect on two ongoing research collaborations in the digital humanities that work to reconnect anthropological data with originating communities: the Digital Himalaya and World Oral Literature Projects.

About theĀ Speaker:

Dr. Mark Turin is Chair of the First Nations and Endangered Languages Program and an Associate Professor of Anthropology. An anthropologist, linguist and broadcaster, Mark is an Associate Member of the Department of Asian Studies and a Faculty Associate at the Institute of Asian Research, and serves as co-editor of the open access journal HIMALAYA. You may get to know more about him on twitter: @markturin.